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About our Manita Lamp

With a sleek design resembling the Amanita mushroom, it emits a warm glow and comes in both cordless and corded options. Comes as corded or cordless - a battery-powered design giving you the freedom and flexibility to move it anywhere.

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Cordless (Small Only)

Place the lamp wherever it suits you best with a delightful ambience in any room.

Sleek Dome

Gloss coated aerograde aluminium dome for sleek durability and a sophisticated touch.

Acrylic Glass Polka Dots

Over 35 individually crafted polka dots individually with premium grade acrylic glass, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

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Always love buying from LumenX. It's the go to place for all my home centrepieces

Michael Sanders | London

Time after time LumenX stun me with their new product lines. Interior designing has been made easy again!

Martha Bern | San Jose